University's Infirmary Museum Taken Over by Children


Year 5 children from Dines Green Primary School took on roles at the museum leading tours, object handling sessions and telling stories about famous characters who worked in the former hospital building.

The 10-year-olds were also invited to dress up as characters from the Infirmary such as doctors, nurses and surgeons.

Fellow pupils from the school along with parents visited the Infirmary to witness the takeover and learn more about the history of medicine.

The audience also learned how the building, once the city's Royal Infirmary, was used over its 231-year history.

Finnley Murray, aged 10, said: "I was able to teach people about what doctors and physicians did in history. It was interesting to know and share."

The event preceded a national Takeover Day on November 20, which will see youngsters take over museums, galleries and arts organisations across the country.

Mark Macleod, Head of The Infirmary, said: "At The Infirmary Museum we're passionate about including children and teenagers.

"We decided to start the Takeover Day five months early to build excitement for the event."

Year 5 teacher at Dines Green Primary School, Lucy Taylor, said: "I was amazed to see how eager the children were to take over the museum.

"From day one, where we visited the museum, to day 4, where the children took total ownership of the tours, everyone was thoroughly engaged and motivated in the history of the Infirmary.

"They absorbed even the finest of details, to ensure they were able to deliver the tours to their parents and other school members effectively.

"What a great day and a great experience for the children."