The Applied Research Group (ARG) works with the business community to offer a wide range of research services, to help you gain the insights you need to enhance your business. Depending on the length of time and investment needed to gain the insight you need, we offer three ways of meeting your research needs.
  • ShARP - a quick and direct opportunity to engage our consultants with your research and analysis needs, either short or long term. Our experienced researchers will ensure:
    Reliable and valid data collection
    Accurate and systematic data analysis
    Detailed and objective interpretations
    Clear and practicable recommendations
  • KEEN/KTP - an ERDF-subsidised opportunity to recruit a graduate to develop and transfer their knowledge into business growth and innovation over a 6-24 month period
  • Match-funded PhD - a subsidised opportunity to research a specific business issue through in-depth, innovative research over a 3-year period

Visit our pages for organisations for more details, or contact Dr Holly Andrews (Lead Consultant),, or dial 01905 54 2289 for an informal chat about your research needs.