Joseph Robinson Miners

Joseph Robinson Miners


Joseph achieved First Class Honours in Graphic Design. 


“Receiving such an acknowledgement was a great feeling and a pleasant surprise,” said the 22-year-old. “I’m proud to have utilised the opportunities the University gave me in a productive way.”

Joseph Robinson Miners was among those to have completed their studies at the University of Worcester during the pandemic. Joseph said studying during the pandemic was difficult but praised the University’s support.

“The most difficult part was adapting to the new means of learning in the final stretch of my degree. Despite this, the support from lecturers felt just as available, and I’m glad that the University have been communicative about how things will be proceeding,” he added.

Joseph chose to study at Worcester because of its welcoming feel stating,

“I chose Worcester because of its palpable atmosphere of diversity and welcomeness. I felt that my experience outside of my studies would be just as important,” 

Now he hopes to work in some aspect of the digital entertainment industry - from music to film to video games.

“I've found myself opening and closing new creative routes so often it's almost impossible to say just where I'll end up in the industry! I know there's no time better than the present to make all the discoveries and mistakes I need. The most important thing to me is to keep being creative. Regardless of what I design for clients and employers, what kind of living I make, the most important thing is that I create for my own fulfilment!”


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