Georgia Cone

Georgia Cone

Georgia achieved First Class Honours in her degree in Dance and Community Practice. 

“I am ecstatic that I achieved a First,” said the 22-year-old. “I told myself the summer before third year that I was going to get a First and then realised throughout third year how difficult that was going to be. So, I told myself that, as long as I tried my best (as frequently told by my mum), I would be happy whatever the outcome. It’s a good feeling knowing that because I put my all into everything I managed to achieve what I was really hoping for.”  

Georgia, a former pupil at East Norfolk Sixth Form College, said completing her studies during the pandemic was difficult but praised the support she received.  

“I had already completed all of my practical work before lockdown, so there wasn’t really any need for me to have dance space, so in that way I was lucky,” she said. “But I found it very difficult to stay motivated to complete work and because I knew I had a few extra months to complete everything, I had weeks where I wouldn’t do anything. I knew beforehand, I was in the right area to achieve a First, but I seriously thought that wasn’t going to happen because the state of my mental health throughout the pandemic was really bad and at times I thought my work was also suffering because of this. However, I had support from one of my teachers – I was able to email her and explain what was going on and she was really helpful by checking in with me a few times and giving me some tips on how to try and get work done without feeling pressured. Once I had taken that initial step to reach out, I then found it easier to do a little bit of work each day. My family were super supportive as well. They knew when I said I needed to do work that I needed peace and quiet so they helped in small ways such as turning down the TV so I could work in silence.” 

Georgia has now completed a Level Two Certificate in Teaching Assisting and is completing a personal training/fitness instructor diploma.  

“My short-term goals are to move up to Edinburgh and work towards getting a range of fitness qualifications such as, personal instructor, yoga teaching and Les Mills training,” she said. “Throughout this, I still plan to take regular adult dance classes as dance is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go without. Long term I would like to eventually work in the fitness industry and then perhaps begin teaching my own dance classes.” 

Georgia added: “When I think about my overall time at university, I have a variety of emotions. I met some beautiful people and made friends for life. Each year has memories that I’ll cherish forever. University has had an impact on the person I now am – I have learnt valuable life lessons throughout my time at university such as living independently and away from home. I’ve learnt that not everyone can be your friend and not everyone is out for your best interests but to hold close the people that are there for you and who pick you back up.”

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