Christian Amendola

Game Art graduate, Christian Amendola, is now fulfilling his career ambitions, working as a 3D artist at a mobile games company.
Christian Amendola

Months after graduating in 2019, Christian managed to secure a job at Neon Play as a Junior 3D Artist. “The opportunity popped up when I spoke with a recruitment agent who mentioned the company and I managed to email them at the right time as they were looking for a Junior 3D Artist,” he said. Now Christian has progressed to 3D Artist. 

“I’ve been working at Neon Play for two years and it’s exactly how I’d imagined it, if not better,” he said. “We work on mobile games - games for mobile phones, so I’m part of the Idle Team. We primarily focus on Idle Tycoon Games. So far I feel I’ve reached my career ambitions. I’m working within the industry, I’m with a great company with amazing colleagues.”

Day to day, what Christian finds himself doing can vary depending on the project. On an average day he mainly focuses on making the 3D assets for use in the games, whether that be the environment, props or characters. However, on other days he is hooking up certain 3D assets to the scripts the programmers have made so that they then work in the game.

For Christian, his three years’ study helped him going forward in a variety of ways. “My degree helped me gain knowledge into the field I wanted to pursue,” he said. “It has helped steer me into the job I currently have. My people skills and public speaking have for sure improved since attending university. The lecturers were a big help as they helped point me in the direction I’ve chosen. This was due to a number of things, including the feedback I was given from coursework and the guest speakers they bought in.

“What was most valuable about that experience was we’d be able to go up afterwards and show the speakers our portfolio and get their thoughts. From that they’d give us constructive criticism and give their opinions on what they’d want to see from a portfolio. They’d also talk about their experience of getting into the industry and what they learnt from it. I also had a great time at the University and I’ve made lifelong friends.”

For those looking to study Game Art at Worcester, Christian advises making the most of your three years. He added: “When on the course make sure to use this opportunity to acquire a broad range of skills which will give you lots of opportunity after graduating. The Game Art degree allows you to look into different art fields within the games industry. You learn a bit about each aspect and then you narrow down the field you want to pursue.”

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