Charlie Harrison

Graduate Charlie Harrison uses his skills to bring education to life and engage young minds.

Charlie Harrison

The former Animation and Film Production student works as a video animator for a company that provides Maths and English tuition.

Explore Learning has tuition centres across the country and offers tuition for a range of ages, from young children through to GCSE level.

Charlie’s role is to make educational videos as part of the education team. He uses animation video technology to create learning materials, making moving 2D images with characters who try to break down complicated problems into manageable, engaging content.

“I work with the marketing team and training team – I’m in quite a unique position,” he said. “They come to me with different projects which is quite nice.

“I love it. I like being very active with what I do and that was the original appeal with stop motion since I was in the workshop and being able to be active with my hands. Working digitally, I found a new appeal to that because there are so many elements that go into it. There’s so many minor things that can make a real difference. It’s like a jigsaw piece. When you get that final piece you get a real sense of pride about it. Sometimes I’ll be making it and think would it not be better if character A did this. It’s just a rough outline, so you can be flexible.”

Charlie said that despite taking a different route to the one he originally intended, he was excited by his new career.

“My advice to any new student would be use your years wisely because they’re over before you know it,” he said. “If you think I’d like to try this, just try it, you’re going to regret it if you didn’t. There are so many opportunities.

“When I went to University I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Go with an open mind. University was really good at helping me understand what the technical requirements were for these subjects, but you need to understand what you want to do. You might have to try things and fail and realise I didn’t want to do that, I want to do this. Going to University really helped me express myself and understand myself. It was great to have that basis of knowledge and you could always choose to further that after university if that’s the route you want to take or do so in your third year.”

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