Educational workshops

Our workshops provide a real experience of University life and aim to inspire the next generation into Higher Education.

The Motion & Performance Centre at the University of Worcester offers a range of educational workshops, which have been designed to compliment GCSE, A Level and BTEC Curricula and enhance knowledge in a wide range of areas. 


A lecturer delivers a class

Workshops are charged at £60 per hour.  Please see the educational workshops flyer for further details.

Workshops include:

  • Biomechanics - Measuring Movement: Newtons Laws in an applied sporting context
  • Psychology - Preparing to Perform: Psychological Skills Training 
  • Physiology -  Combined Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max Testing 

Workshops can be booked on their own or can be combined with a student-life talk and campus tour (FREE) as part of a Uni Taster Day.

To request a booking for Educational Workshops, please contact for further information.