What are the Professional Skills Tests?

All applicants for teacher training courses need to take the numeracy and literacy professional skills tests as part of the application process. You will need to ensure you have passed them both before the start of the course.

The tests are required in addition to your mathematics and English GCSEs, and are designed to show that you have the basic levels of literacy and numeracy needed to teach to a national standard. They will not test your knowledge of the curriculum or how to teach.

The first three attempts at taking your skills tests in each subject are provided free of charge. You can book additional resits if required, but you will be expected to pay for these yourself.

When should I take the tests?

You must take the tests after you have applied and you will need to provide evidence of your application when you attend the test centre. When you take the tests you will need to provide proof that you have applied for a teacher training course. At interview we will ask you to provide proof that you have booked the skills tests.

If you are made an offer after interview part of your conditions will be to pass the tests and a time frame will be indicated. We do however advise that you try and take the tests before your interview date, or as soon after your interview as possible, as this will enable us to make a firm offer.

Where can I take the tests?

The University of Worcester is an approved skills test centre. We will be hosting skills tests at our City Campus on 17 September 2019.

To find an full list of skills test centres and information how to book your place, please visit the Department of Education website.

One-to-one support

If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt of the skills test then we can provide one-to-one support in both numeracy and literacy. To enquire about this email the relevant contact below.

We also offer access to Numeracy Ready software, if you have been unsuccessful on your first attempt of the numeracy skills test.

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