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Why choose higher education?

Changing careers, developing skills

For some careers, a higher education qualification is an essential starting point. You will find adult students at Worcester on a wide range of vocational programmes directly related to work areas such as Accountancy, Business Studies, Nursing or Education.

Climbing the career ladder

Higher Education can also help you progress in your current job.  For example, people who have been working as teaching assistants may train as a qualified teacher. Also, many qualified nurses take courses at Worcester as part of their professional development.

Increase your earnings

A university qualification demonstrates your ability to think and work independently, and develops important skills such as communication, numeracy and information technology. In that sense, all higher education should increase your ‘employability’, helping you to find a fulfilling job and increase your earnings.

At the same time, employment issues need thinking through carefully: higher education is not the appropriate route for all careers, and the ‘right’ course for a particular career is not always obvious. If these are important issues for you, careers advice can be a useful starting point.

Personal goals

Your reasons for choosing higher education may be more personal than professional. Perhaps you have had a lifelong interest in a subject area, which you want to pursue as far as you can. These personal goals help tomake higher education a challenging and life-changing experience.