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Getting to The Hive

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See AccessAble guide for†accessibility to The Hive

Walking and cycling

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the St Johnís Campus to The Hive. New pedestrian crossings†have been installed†to the make the walk even easier and safer. If youíd like to see exactly where itís located, you can download a map or take a look at the route on Google.

We have also just launched a new bike share scheme (inspired by Londonís ĎBoris Bikesí). If you join the scheme, you can borrow a bike for 24 hours and use it to ride back and forth between campuses, whenever it suits you (and yes, you can borrow a bike from St Johnís and ride downhill to the City or straight to The Hive and then deposit the bike there. One way trips are fineÖ). Visit for more information.

Buses and trains

The 31 bus stops on the St. Johnís campus and runs right past The Hive. We are currently negotiating with the bus company to extend the frequency of the buses and their operating hours.

The Crowngate bus station is directly opposite The Hive, and the Foregate Street rail station is just a few minutesí walk up the road.


If you have a student car parking permit, you can use it at the Universityís Riverside car park. It takes about 6 minutes to walk from this car park to The Hive (itís about the same distance as walking across the St Johnís campus!). University parking permits are valid at Riverside as are St John's parking tickets; if you purchase a ticket at St John's you can use the same ticket at Riverside and vice versa.†

If you need to pick up a big armful of books, there are two public car parks right beside The Hive. It costs between 60p and 90p to park for an hour.

You can also park at the Crowngate multi-story car park for around £1 an hour. A special bridge has been built to connect this car park to The Hive, making access even easier.

Visit the†Worcester City Council website for more information about parking in Worcester, including a map highlighting all car parks.