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Access to resources

Access to books

As a joint Council/University venture The Hive is accessible to everyone, not just students. To ensure that this doesn’t impact on your studies, high demand, academic books have been prioritised for students.

Here’s how the loans' system works:

  • As a student, you can sign out restricted loan books for 2 days (an increase from the old four-hour period). Community users can consult these books in the library, but they aren't able to sign them out.
  • Core student texts are identified with blue bands. You can sign out 12 of these books for two weeks. Community users are only able to sign out one at a time.
  • All remaining books are available to be signed out for three weeks. You can sign out 12 of these books in addition to the 12 ‘high demand’ books, giving you plenty of reading material
  • Users can still check the availability of books online and make reservations and recall materials as previously.

Booking a computer or meeting space

Students also have access to booking systems. This means you can reserve a computer in advance (so you are guaranteed a spot) or book a meeting room for group work. Find the links off the SOLE page.