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Can I afford it?

Help with fees and funding

Financing your studies may seem complicated at first, but we’ve put together some information to help make things clear.

A degree from Worcester is a great investment in your future. It’s important to take the time to find out about the cost of living and studying here, so you know what to expect. There is plenty of help available and changes to the student loan system means that part-time students can more easily access funds.

Costs and grants

Making a decision to enter Higher Education is a huge step for any student, but is an even greater leap for those adult learners who have dependants and additional commitments outside their studies.

There are generally three main costs to consider when thinking about going to University: tuition fees; day-to-day living costs; and costs associated with study, such as course books, photocopying and travel to and from University.

For most students, there are government loans available to pay your fees and to help with your living costs, which are repayable once you have graduated and are earning over a minimum amount.

For complete details, visit our Figure out Finances section.