Niamh Fitzpatrick


Niamh Fitzpatrick graduates from the University of Worcester with an extra special award.
Niamh Fitzpatrick, English Literature graduate

As well as her degree in English Literature, Niamh has been given an award for her research, from the University’s Early Modern Research Group.

“I am excited about graduation and a touch sad; it’s the end of a chapter but, it does open the doors to what’s next,” she said. “And I was so overjoyed to receive the Early Modern Research Group award. I truly didn't expect it, it just goes to show what you can achieve.”

Niamh, from Birmingham, is now studying for a Master’s degree in Shakespeare Studies at the University of Birmingham and is hoping to go on to complete a PhD.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Worcester,” she said. “I chose to study at Worcester as the University offered an amazing course with dedicated lecturers and a vast range of modules, ranging from the Early Modern Period to Modern Day.

“I made friends not only amongst my peers, but also in the lecturers themselves. I truly felt united with others by the love of literature. Amongst my peers, we all understood each other and therefore, were able to help each other in any issues we may have encountered with texts themselves, thus enabling us a greater appreciation for the literature.

“In regards to the lecturers, they were always happy to give their time to aid us with our studies, whether this be spending time after lectures or arranging meetings, even an email. Their input and help throughout my degree was truly invaluable.”