Danielle Tharani

Psychology graduate Danielle Tharani is hoping to create positive educational experiences for young people.

Danielle Tharani

Danielle graduates from the University of Worcester this year and is thrilled to be embarking on her career having returned to work at her former school.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work at Sibford School, the place which supported me with my dyslexia, and helped me apply to university in the first place,” said Danielle, from Banbury.

The 21-year-old discovered her passion for her chosen career pathway whilst studying her degree at University.

“At the University of Worcester, I found my passion for Positive Psychology, and in particular Positive Education,” Danielle said. “With this being a relatively new field in Psychology, I hope that in the future I can contribute to pioneering research relating to Positive Psychology and help implement Positive Education into schools to help students to improve their educational experience.”

After struggling with dyslexia throughout her education, Danielle is excited to be graduating with a First Class Honours.

“I am so excited and relieved to be graduating,” she said. “I feel completely over the moon to have received First Class Honours. I never in a million years thought that I would be able to achieve this degree. It has helped me to feel confident in my ability to achieve academically, despite taking longer to read and process information.”

Danielle commended the University of Worcester for its support during her degree and is hoping to return to complete a Master’s degree in the future.

“The staff were so friendly, and there were always opportunities for me to talk to them one-to-one in order to receive support with my degree,” she said.