Roshel Morrison



A student from New York - who completed an online degree in Business Administration with the University of Worcester – is visiting the Faithful City for the first time this week for her graduation ceremony.



Roshel Morrison, 28, originally from Kingston, Jamaica, completed her BA (Hons) in Business Administration from a variety of overseas destinations using the University’s remote learning platform.

“My aim was to get an international education from a top university in the UK that had a comprehensive programme and concentration in Business, and ultimately I chose the University of Worcester,” Roshel said. “The online system made me feel part of a global community. You can talk to peers from all over the world, which in turn creates a family environment that fosters friendship and cultural understanding.”

“The greatest benefit to studying online was being able to sign in for class from anywhere in the world,” Roshel added, “Once, whilst on vacation, I even signed in for class from the beach.”

Having secured her degree, Roshel now works in the airline industry and she plans to return to Worcester, in cyber-space at least, to complete an online Masters in Business.

“My aim is to become a Customs and Border Protection Officer,” she said. “Obtaining this degree will enable me to sustain growth in my career, and I even hope to return to the University of Worcester for an online Master’s degree next year. The learning environment at Worcester certainly makes me want to go higher in my studies.”

“There is a quote from Malcolm X that my mother always instilled in me about how education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today, and for me, Worcester is the vehicle to take you there.”