Lily Wilkins



A top-performing Biology student is looking forward to putting her expertise to good use by entering the medical profession.
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Lily Wilkins graduates from the University of Worcester today with a First Class Honours degree in Human Biology. It is the culmination of three years of top grades for the 21-year-old, from Birmingham.

“In my first year I received the Oxford Press Award for achieving the highest grades in Biosciences,” she said. “I subsequently received two Academic Scholarships Awards from the University, for high grades throughout my first and second year. Shortly before graduation, I will be receiving the Royal Society of Biology award for best performing final year student.”

Lily is now studying on the University’s MSc Physician Associate programme and hopes to work within a hospital setting.

“I am excited about joining a growing profession and hope to advocate this as a highly rewarding career path for future undergrad students,” she said.

“I have always had an interest in how the human body works,” Lily continued. “Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to know why disease occurs in some people and not in others. I saw the modules that the Human Biology course offered and loved the range of different topics, such as anatomy, genetics, pharmacology and nutrition.

“From the very start of my degree at Worcester all my lecturers knew my name. I loved the fact that the lecturers got to know you as a person and there were small class sizes.  I always felt like I could speak to any lecturer if I felt like I was struggling with a module and there was a genuine open door policy.”