Kathryn Watson



A former primary school teacher graduates as a Nurse today, having been inspired by the nurses who treated her fiancé for a serious illness.


Kathryn Watson is wearing a nurse's uniform and standing against a green foliage background

Kathryn Watson said the months spent in hospitals with her now husband, Chris, made her realise that a career-change was needed.

“I had been a primary school teacher for 15 years when Chris fell ill,” said the 38-year-old, from Bromsgrove. “Until then I had, luckily, had no real contact with nursing or hospitals. Over the next few long months, as the staff at the Alex in Redditch repeatedly saved Chris from dying, I realised that, whilst I loved teaching, I wanted to do something different.

“We missed getting married that year and thankfully Chris came though his illness and we got married the following year instead. This brush with death made me see the talents and pure hearts that nurses have.

“Chris was discharged in the February and I attended an open day at the University of Worcester in the June. My interview was in the October and I joined the University the following February. The tutors at the University were so brilliant and supported me through lots of difficult times. I miss the fun of teaching some days, but now I am living my life to the full.”

Kathryn graduates today with a First Class Honours in Adult Nursing. “I worked so hard from day one and cannot believe it paid off so well,” she said.

“I have begun my dream job as a community nurse in Worcester, which I love. I am so passionate about enabling our patients to remain at home and be cared for in their own environment, maintaining their independence. I have just completed my preceptorship and can now focus on consolidating all the clinical training I have had since I began my post. Further on I would like to develop my knowledge in wound care and palliative care.”