Bridgette Jones

A student with a long-held ambition to become a dentist graduates from the University of Worcester today, having taken her first steps to her chosen career.
Bridgette Jones


Bridgette Jones completed a degree in Biochemistry at Worcester and has now earned a place to study Dentistry at the University of Bristol.

The 23-year-old, from Leicester, said: “I chose Biochemistry because I thought that if I learnt and understood the physiological aspects of the base of life then it would put me in a good position for my future studies in Dentistry. I feel oral health is vital to an individual’s life, which is why I chose to study Dentistry.”

Bridgette said her desire to become a dentist came from observing first-hand how dentists can often be the key to identifying and treating patients with serious illnesses.

“Individuals often do not realise they have oral disease until they have problems in their daily activities such as eating and speaking,” she said. “I had an experience where someone I knew had oral cancer and had to have their palate removed and so they had difficulty consuming food. They received a special bung which the dentist fitted and allowed them to eat again. From then I knew I wanted to do something where I could make a difference.”

Bridgette said her experience at the University of Worcester had put her in a good position to pursue her career.

“I have gained experience in the laboratory, knowing how to research and solve case studies and also enhanced my confidence,” she said.

“The University of Worcester gives students the opportunity to explore their own learning by allowing them to choose modules they would be interested in. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Biochemistry, where at times it was challenging but also rewarding. The lecturers have made it welcoming and have been supportive throughout my degree. Going to university has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong friends.”