Adam Chowdhury


Adam Chowdhury will graduate with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism.


Adam Chowdhury

“After a lower than expected grade in a first semester module, I thought a First-Class Honours was off the table. So, after all the stresses, late nights and hard work, it was a huge surprise and relief to achieve this honour,” said the 21 year old.

“When I started university, all I heard from people was that a 2:1 is the goal and would be just fine. I thought getting a First was beyond the realms of possibility. It proves that at university, you get what you put in.”

Adam, from Woodford Green, Essex, used his time at the University of Worcester to build a broad base of experiences – both at home and overseas – which he believes will stand him in good stead in the search for a job as a journalist.

“Thanks to all the work and experience I have gained over the past three years, both at the University of Worcester and whilst studying abroad at Ball State University (USA), I believe that I have a solid foundation to build now for the future.”