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Tips on looking for part-time work

Tips on looking for part time work

  • Think about what hours you can do. Don’t let work conflict with course timetable
  • Decide what type of work you wish to do, i.e. office work, care work, coaching. Are you trying to gain any particular skills or experiences to help with your future career?
  • Apply for advertised jobs or visit local shops, supermarkets or bars with a CV (Careers and Employability can provide support and advice for CV writing)
  • Use your contacts- ask your friends and fellow students if they know of any opportunities. If you have worked for a shop or bar elsewhere in the country, see if you can transfer to a more local branch.
  • Use as many sources as you can, and be persistent: follow up any leads or contacts, and be prepared to go back
  • Give yourself time to make high quality applications: even a short one can take time to complete. Don’t sell yourself short with a poor application– one good quality application is worth 10 rushed ones.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities at work

Protect yourself from scam jobs

Some ‘opportunities’ are devised to get money off you. Please be careful. The following tips might help you spot a scam: don’t forget that if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is!

  • Don’t go for a job which asks you to pay money upfront for equipment or training
  • Avoid jobs in which you have to recruit others onto a scheme
  • Commission only and door to door selling don’t provide a guaranteed income for your work
  • Be wary of jobs involving data entry from home
  • Do not give personal or bank details out before you start work

Advice for International Students

International Students on a full time course with a student visa are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester, and up to full time during the holidays. However, anyone with a visa stating that ‘work is prohibited’ is not allowed to work.

Students from the EU or EEA may work as many hours as they like.

All students will need to obtain a National Insurance Number. For advice, contact Firstpoint.