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Combining work and study

Although working part time can improve both your employability and your bank balance, it can be difficult to fit everything in. Here are some practical suggestions from the National Association of Student Employment Services to help you successfully combine work and study commitments.

  • Always carry a diary or enter information onto an e-diary so you know what course work dates are and when assignment hand in dates are etc. This will help you to keep track of deadlines.
  • Try to anticipate if a busy time is coming up on your course or at your place of work, plan ahead as much as possible and try to move things around to create a balance.
  • Employers will be more sympathetic if you advise them as soon as you can that you canít work. Try to suggest practical solutions and take responsibility for any changes in rota.
  • If you are struggling to balance work and study, talk to someone as soon as you can.
  • Be realistic about what you can fit in Ė remember there are only 24 hours in a day Ė donít over promise then under deliver.
  • Try to cut back on part time work during exam times. Organise some time off before exams and do not agree to extra shifts or overtime at this time.
  • Donít forget to give yourself time to unwind and relax after work or study.

Firstpoint is open throughout the year and you are welcome to come in and use the careers information resources. This area has part time jobs and information about job applications, CVs and interview techniques, and contains information about types of work and making career decisions.

During semester time, you can book to see a Careers Advisor on Monday to Wednesday 11.30-2.00 pm, Thursday 1.30 - 4.00 pmmif you wanted to talk things through. This normally takes around 30 minutes and you need to book an appointment through Timecenter. Please note that appointments are released each day at 9am for the same day a week ahead.

See†for further information or email

Know your rights and responsibilities at work!† Read "Part time work: know your rights"†for more information