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MPhil and PhD Supervision

Below are some of the research areas Worcester Business School is involved in:

Dr Robin Bell
Expertise: Entrepreneurship/Small Business; International Business and Management; Cross Cultural Communication

Dr Chris Bowers
Expertise: Mobile and Ubiqitous Computing; Interactive Intelligent Systems; Human-Computer Interaction; Computational Intelligence; Evolutionary Computing; Data driven behaviour modeling; Technology Driven Behaviour Change; Energy Demand Monitoring, Modelling and Management; Habit cessation technologies

Professor Howard Cox
Expertise: Business History; Economics of the Firm; Corporate Strategy

Current student projects:

  • An Analysis of the Decline of the Carpet Industry, 1918-1973, with particular reference to firms in the Kidderminster district

Dr Jan Francis-Smythe
Expertise: Occupational Psycology and HR: Selection and Assessment; Career Development and appraisal; Training; Employee relations and Motivation; Organisational Development and Change; Leadership; Counselling and Personal Development

Completed student projects:

Dr Joy Garfield
Expertise: Requirements Engineering, business IT/IS alignment, systems modelling, including System Dynamics, ontologies and rationale; Information Systems learning and teaching

Dr Joanne Kuzma
Expertise: E-commerce and E-business; Social Media; E-marketing; Systems analysis; Web Design; Computer Security (except networking)

Mark Loon
Expertise: HR/OB: Topics relating to Personality and Dispositions; Selection Methods; Learning and Development; Innovativeness and Creativity

Strategy: Resource-based view of Strategy; Business models; Design and innovation

Dr Pamella Murray-Hopkin
Expertise: Leadership; Teamwork; Coaching and Mentoring

Dr Lynn Nichol
Expertise: Work Based Learning; Professional Identity; Narrative Research/ethnography; Psychological contract/survivor syndrome/downsizing; Learning and Development; Careers; Employee Relations; Faith based organisation

Richard Nicholls
Expertise: Services Marketing; Customer-to-Customer interaction; Ageing Service Customers; Customer Misbehaviour

Dr Colin Price
Current Student projects:

  • Research & Development of a digital game-based learning framework for Education
  • Pattern & Permutations: Embodied Interaction in Responsive & Virtual Environments

Dr Marc Price
Expertise/research interests: modelling and simulating influence of spine posture on physiology and mood; modelling and simulating biomechanics and physiology of internal martial arts; modelling and simulating biomechanics and physiology of other internal exercises (eg breath, sound, etc). Video processing: HDR Video Capture and Production.

Dr Catharine Ross
Expertise: Diversity in organisations; Workplace culture and politics; Sociology of the professions; Workplace Diversity and Equality; Employee Relations; Management Development; Careers

Completed student projects:

Current student projects:

  • Men in female-dominated occupations: Aspirations and Outcomes
  • Men's Work-Life balance

Dr Abdulmaten Taroun
Expertise: Project Management, Operations Management, Decision making and Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Enterprise risk management (ERM), Quality Management, Construction Management, Performance Management, Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Dr Vessela Warren
Expertise: Innovation management; Knowledge management in innovation; New Service Development (NSD) processes; Innovation and Sustainability ; Barriers and enablers to service innovation ; Strategic Innovation; The role of the networks into the innovation process ; Service design; Service co-creation; Servitization