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Using Social Networks as a catalyst for Change in Global Higher Education Marketing and Recruiting

Higher education institutes (HEIs) throughout the world are recognising the potential of using social networking as an outreach method for their marketing and recruiting campaigns and can serve as a catalyst for strategic change within the education sector. One of the products of this research was a study on how universities in Asia, Africa and Europe use their social networking for educational recruiting and marketing. Results show that it is used, but results are inconsistent across the globe. This research as potential impact for : Undergraduate students who can use this methodology to explore how other industries use social media; University lecturers who can incorporate this study into e-business modules as a case study and University marketing and recruiting departments who can use this study to analyse the competition and review how their competitors are using social media which may help them derive business strategies on how to better improve marketing and recruiting of students and staff.

References to the research

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