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Thoughts from European students at Worcester Business School

EU students who have studied at Worcester Business School have both excelled academically and have found a variety of career opportunities. Below are views and experiences from a sample of Worcester Business School’s EU graduates.

Erik Magpantay, Austria – International Business Management BA (Hons)
“International Business Management has truly exceeded my expectations, in terms
of the flexibility of its course content. As a result, I find myself enjoying every single
class I attend as it significantly complements what I am aiming for in the near future.”

Stefan Kovachev, Bulgaria - MBA
“I chose to study a postgraduate course at the University of Worcester as it offered the MBA level programme at an affordable price.  I enjoy the fact that there are many international students on the course. Additionally I think it provides a solid base of knowledge required for running a business successfully.”

Milan Petrov, Bulgaria - Business Information Technology BSc (Hons)
“On coming here I didn’t know what to expect - it certainly did not disappoint!  Studying a Business IT degree gave me a perfect mix of both subjects, and by year two I even had some idea of what I want to do for a living. This timed perfectly with securing a one-year job placement at IBM as part of my degree. During my final year, I am able to assess how much the University has to offer its students with well-equipped facilities and knowledgeable lecturers.”

Sotir Stoychev, Bulgaria, Web Development BSc Hons
“On graduation I got an internship role in a London-based start-up company (Aeguana LTD); then after 3 months I started a full-time job in MBI London, part of Top Right Group corporation, as a UI/UX Front-end Web Developer.  My course helped me develop the right practical skill set for a junior developer and to show up-to-date knowledge and interest in a particular niche/sphere.  The practical nature of the modules is good preparation for a freelance project or for applying for an internship. Every tutor is open for your questions and keeps you informed about opportunities.”

Dina Tomas, Bulgaria - Marketing, Advertising & PR BA (Hons)
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Worcester as a student, thanks to both the enthusiastic and inspirational teaching as well as the friendly and supportive environment for home and international student alike.  Thanks to everything that I have learnt here, I managed to make a dream of mine come true and gain work experience as PR Assistant for Global Publicity, an award-winning PR agency, at EXIT music festival, one of Europe’s biggest festivals.”

Kornelija Guzaite, Lithuania - Business, Management and Marketing BA (Hons)
“I have learnt how to do business presentations, how to prepare for job interviews and how to be independent. My timetable has been very flexible through the year so I managed to find a job and have gained valuable work experience as well as covering all my living expenses. I have applied to go on the exchange programme to Australia next year and I am really looking forward to this opportunity.”

Przemyslaw Boloz , Poland – Information Technology for Education BSc (Hons)
“My first day at uni was a pleasant surprise. I was greeted by a very friendly and helpful admissions officer. The course I chose is a rare course which not many people have heard of. I really liked this course because its structure offered a rich choice of modules and allowed me to follow a very unique pathway. The lecturers at are very dedicated and always happy to help.”

Alexandra Ficiu, Romania – Accounting BA (Hons)
“Not only does it give you exemptions for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, but it opens doors for you in the accountancy profession, it will help students to obtain a well-rewarded career, perhaps even at one of the Big 4 accountancy firms in the UK”

Julia Protesaru, Romania  - Advertising BA (Hons)
“What I love most about the course is the creative freedom I have – the lecturers are open to new ideas, friendly, and always there to help you. I picture myself as a future creative director, and I know that the University of Worcester will prepare me for the perfect job!”

Lubica Kuboveova, Slovakia - Business, Accountancy & Human Resource BA (Hons)
“The first class degree, which I gained at the University of Worcester, and the graduate job I secured at the KPMG are only reflecting the quality of my experience and the extend to which University of Worcester prepared me for the journey of becoming a professional.”

Caroline Engevi, Sweden - Business, Management & PR BA (Hons)
“I got three years of great education and experience, then the academic scholarship for achievement last year and now the Hewett Recruitment Prize for Best Undergraduate Business Student.  I can’t find the words to describe how thankful I am for everything that Worcester Business School and all my lecturers have given me including knowledge, interesting discussions and support.”

Simon Utas, Sweden - Reverse Double Degree with Halmstad University
“It has been great studying at the University of Worcester and the City of Worcester is good too. It’s a friendly City- not too big- so it’s ideal to get to know people.”

Amelie Svensson, Sweden - Business, Advertising & PR BA (Hons)
“I am now in my dream job (with Apple Europe) - without the skills I have acquired and developed doing this degree course, it would not have been possible.”