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Swedish students at Worcester Business School

Worcester Business School has been a home-from-home for hundreds of Swedish students over very many years. 

Many have joined us through our recruitment fair in Halmstad, with whom we have been close partners for well over 20 years.  Our Swedish students receive the warmest of welcomes and tend to rather fall in love with Worcester to the extent that many of them return ’10 years on’ to reminisce on happy and successful times spent here.

Below are views and experiences from a sample of out Swedish graduates, including Olivia’s story, where you can read in detail her thoughts about the welcome, facilities and way of life at Worcester.

Arman NijadiyanArman Nijadiyan – Business Management BA (Hons)

“I wanted to try something new, and had never been to England before, so studying Business Management at Worcester was a great opportunity for me. There’s a great community of both International and UK students here and the city itself is an ideal size.”


Linda EliassonLinda Eliasson - Business Management BA (Hons)

“My first year has been a great introduction to living and studying in Worcester. Living in Halls there’s an amazing social life and the first year of Business Management has a broad range of modules. I originally wanted to go into HRM, but now I’ve got a lot more options to consider! My personal tutor and my course tutors have been really supportive, and I’m sure they’ll help me get the most out of my time here at the University of Worcester.” 

Sandra RunessonSandra Runesson - Business Management BA (Hons)

“Before I came here I had never been to England before; I didn’t even know where Worcester was, but when I found out about the course, I went for it! It’s been a great chance to see a bit more of the world; not just England - I studied in Tennessee for a semester and had the chance to travel all over the world. It’s so easy to meet people at the University of Worcester, especially if you stay in Halls, and there’s a great international community.”

Eliad WeidmarEliad Weidmar –Accounting BA (Hons)

"I chose to study at the University of Worcester because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to become more independent and get a good degree which will help me in the future to get the job I want.  Worcester has grown on me since the day I got here and I’m very happy here. You get quickly familiarized with the surroundings. The Business School offers a great environment for students within a beautiful newly-renovated building. The lecturers are highly competent, are easy to contact if you ever need to ask something and make the lessons easy to follow - as a foreign student that was really important to me.  The social side is very good and has a lot of options and something for every mood. You can join one of the various socials, make new friends in an instant and enjoy yourself on the crazy social nights - you never know what will happen.  I’m very glad I decided to come to the University of Worcester.  I had high hopes and it delivered. I would strongly recommend Worcester to anyone."

Simon UtasSimon Utas – Business Management BA (Hons)

“It has been great studying at the University of Worcester and the City of Worcester is good too. It’s a friendly City- not too big- so it’s ideal to get to know people.  Studying in England has helped to improve both our language skills and we’ve become much more familiar with English business and financial practice, and business terminology”

Frida Ekenberg – Business Management BA (Hons) and MSc Management

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad for part of my degree and this course has provided an ideal opportunity.  It’s great to experience life in a different country and to meet new people. I’m now hoping to successfully complete my undergraduate studies and take my Masters Degree at Worcester”

Caroline Engevi - Business, Management & Public Relations BA (Hons)

“I got three years of great education and experience, then the academic scholarship for achievement last year and now the Hewett Recruitment Prize for Best Undergraduate Business Student.  I can’t find the words to describe how thankful I am for everything that Worcester Business School and all my lecturers have given me including knowledge, interesting discussions and support.”

Amelie Svensson - Business, Advertising & Public Relations BA (Hons)

“I am now in my dream job (with Apple Europe) - without the skills I have acquired and developed doing this degree course, it would not have been possible.”

Robert Nilsson – Business Management BA (Hons)

“I chose to study away from my home country to keep me one step ahead in today’s globalised world.  The University of Worcester has been able to provide me with the modules I want and an exciting student life.  I have really appreciated the variety of modules and flexibility to adapt my course. This has enabled me to realise what I really want to do and I have therefore changed my pathway from the first one I picked.  The University has a great student atmosphere and a great university culture. They help you with everything, which is especially important for an international student. Worcester city is close to other big cities so it provides a good opportunity to see what England really looks like!  One of my best experiences has been taking an exchange semester in Adelaide, Australia. I have learnt a lot from this, it gave me a new level of understanding about different cultures and I had a great time.”

Olivia's story

Olivia Larsson - Business, Marketing & Public Relations BA (Hons)

Olivia LarssonWhen I received the invitation to the recruitment event in Halmstad for the University of Worcester, I became incredibly excited. This was one of my dreams, to study at an English university. To study at the University of Worcester is the best choice I’ve made. Soon, I’m going to begin my third and last year and I don’t really want to finish uni. My experiences here have changed my life and me both professionally and personally.

At the uni, I study Business, Marketing and PR, which was love at first sight for me. However, many of my other friends have changed pathways, but there have never been any issues or difficulties to do that. The university staff help and care incredibly, which enhances the friendliness of the university. Many of my friends and other students agree when people say that this is a friendly university. You’re always facing smiley faces and students or tutors that are greeting you etc. Thus, a place you love to spend time in. In addition, many of the tutors have great competence and exciting backgrounds, which exhilarates the tutoring as they use real life experiences during seminars etc.

The university is divided into three campuses: St. John’s Campus, City Campus and Riverside.  All of the campuses are modern, fresh and constantly under construction to make it even better for us students. At the campuses there a number of conveniences available, such as computer rooms, libraries, student unions, a pub, gyms, Starbucks, Costa, sport facilities, a number of footballs pitches, dance studios, accommodations, a church etc. Well, everything a person could imagine, which means that you will always have something to do here.

One day in Worcester could be that you have a lecture in the morning, having a workout at the gym, studying in the library, meeting up some friends at Pear Tree (the SU pub) or having a coffee at Starbucks, relaxing in the halls with your flat mates, having a great night out at Tramps or at Bushwackers, watching a film at the cinema, going bowling or perhaps walking around in town, etc. My friends and I usually go and watch the Worcester Wolves play their basketball matches, which enhances the student feeling. Feels a bit like being a part of One Tree Hill or any other American TV-show.

In addition, the university’s student life is really good and a great way for you to meet people. They have a number of societies, such as football, rowing, basketball, dance, rugby, cricket, theatre, snow sports, international students, chess and many more. These societies meet up a couple of times a week and practice together. Every Wednesday, the societies have their “socials” where everybody in the society dress up accordingly to a decided theme and go out to the nightclubs.

During my first year I lived in halls, which was a great experience. During that period I lived with four British girls, which was both incredibly fun and tough, as there were many cultural differences. However, we are still in contact and taught each other a lot of things.

The city of Worcester is probably most well-known for the Worcestershire Sauce. There are approximately 95,000 inhabitants in Worcester, which you only can understand during Saturdays and Sundays, as it seems like the whole Worcester is spending their time in the city centre! The city is very charming with their half-timbered houses and idyllic buildings. Worcester has been nominated to the largest village and the UK’s securest city. This is something that you actually can understand, as you never feel unsafe when you’re walking home in the middle of the night or similar.

The people here are open and really nice, and the trip to the grocery store often lasts for ages as you end up talking to the people about the weather or similar. Thus, the city and the people make you feel at home quickly and get attached to it. In addition, it is pretty cheap here as many of the shops, pubs, sports facilities and cinemas provide the students with discounts. However, if you feel that this isn’t enough, Birmingham is only 40 minutes away.

So, if you want to experience real British student life, move to the cutest town in the world, create a new intellect and competence, have great fun and meet people from every part of the whole world, Worcester is the place for you.