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Study Health and Society at the University of Worcester

The University of Worcester is a community where students love to live and learn. Whatever walk of life you come from, Worcester provides an active, friendly, and supportive environment in which to grow and learn. We are a campus University based in the charming city of Worcester - where lively city culture and idyllic rural beauty combine to offer the best of both worlds.

Physiotherapy studentsA wealth of opportunities

Whether you're interested in training to become a nurse or midwife, or want to study the psychology of the human mind in psychology, the Institute of Health and Society at the University of Worcester offers a wealth of opportunities in the field of health and social care

A relevant approach to learning

All of our courses provide a hands-on, vocational approach to learning, and you'll be able to take part in interesting projects with relevance to the real world, such as children's experience of hospitalisation or dementia research.

We're renowned for our close-knit community of staff, students and partners, meaning that you'll have access to the best possible support and knowledge network. Our environment for positive change in health and social care will encourage your curiosity, promoting teamwork and inspiring discovery, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Placement opportunities

Because we work closely with our local community and partners across health and social care, you will gain an invaluable insight into professional practice as well as access to invaluable placements.

Midwifery student

Staff with real-world experience

As well as being experts in teaching, learning and assessment, staff in the Institute of Health and Society have an in-depth knowledge of cutting edge research and current professional thinking, gained through real-world experience. During your studies you will be taught be experienced specialists who draw on their own research and professional practice to be inspirational teachers.

Recognised excellence

As well as courses which lead directly to a professional qualification, such as Nursing and Midwifery, many are accredited by respected professional bodies, including the British Psychological Society and the Society of Sports Therapists.

Come along to an Open Day

Worcester. A place to belong. A place to discover your potential. A place to be inspired for life.

The staff here have definitely fostered my interests – they’re very supportive and very encouraging. I really loved studying at Worcester. The University has expanded, which is great, but it’s still a very nurturing, friendly environment.

Jacci Richardson, Inaugural University of Worcester Midwifery Fellowship prize and mother of three

Undergraduate Health and Society Courses

Visit the Institute of Health and Society pages for a full list of undergraduate courses, but popular choices include:

World-class facilities

Facilities inside Ability HouseOur excellent facilities will support your development of academic knowledge, while building relevant professional skills. Simulation suites equipped with contemporary technical equipment, including programmable androids, will allow you to get a real feel for a hospital ward without leaving campus; our dedicated Ability House will show you what can be achieved in an ordinary house through innovation and intelligent design; our training ambulance will allow you to practice vital skills in a relevant environment; and our dedicated psychology laboratories will make it easier than ever to unlock the secrets of the human mind.