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Romanian students at Worcester Business School

A large number of students from Romania choose to study at the University of Worcester, where you can be assured of a warm welcome.†Many select courses from the wide range of undergraduate courses run by Worcester Business School.†Courses in Business Management, Computer Games, Computing, International Business Management, Advertising are particularly popular.†Our Romanian students seem to thrive at Worcester, doing well in their studies, taking an active role in student life and looking forward to future employment.

Read more about some of the experiences of Romanian students at the University of Worcester:

ďWhat I love most about the course is the creative freedom I have. The lecturers are open to new ideas, friendly, and always there to help you. I picture myself as a future creative director, and I know that my course will prepare me for the perfect job!"

Julia Protesaru
Advertising BA (Hons)

Diana Iusco

Diana Iusco, Marketing, Advertising & PR BA (Hons)

Diana Iusco, Marketing, Advertising & PR BA (Hons)Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

"I chose to study at University of Worcester because I am doing Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations here, and I really wanted to have a glimpse at all of these 3 subjects, and none of my other options offered this diversity."

How would you describe living in Worcester? A full experience.

"The city is small, but I really like it because I have gotten to know most of the places in Worcester, the usual ones, but it seems to me like thereís always something more to it. It is a great city for long walks, either by the river or not, it is really refreshing to take a long walk through the city. For some people itís too small, but the fact that itís so close to Birmingham is a really good advantage for the city. All in all, I think itís a beautiful city and it has a bit of everything: fun, relaxation, great views and is getting filled by new and interesting people every year!"

What do you enjoy most about your course?

"Its practicality. I like to actually apply what I learn, and to be able to use my creativity while doing so, therefore I like that we have the lectures and then in the seminar time we either create an ad, or a campaign or we assess an already existing one. I think itís easier to learn and memorize things while doing them, so this works really well for me and it also allows me to stay creative at all times."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done?

"I have done a lot of things since I am at University. I like to keep myself busy, so I got involved in many things:† societies, volunteering, sports and so on. Still, up until now, my biggest achievement at university was that, along with a friend, I submitted a business plan in our first year and we got shortlisted to present it in front of the investors. And we did, and we won the Runner-Up prize! As a first year student I thought it was amazing, because just a year ago, I was in high school not knowing what I want to do, and now I was in my first year at University, doing and presenting a business plan! It was a great experience and it made me even more ambitious to get involved, try and learn even more!"

Alexandra Stoica

Alexandra Stoica, Web Development BSc (Hons)

Alexandra Stoica, Web Development BSc (Hons)Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

"The University of Worcester offered me the opportunity to study Web Development, a course that I enjoy very much."

How would you describe living in Worcester?

"Worcester is a wonderful city and I like being part of it. It has a lot of interesting places."

What do you enjoy most about your course?

"I like how the lectures are organised and the fact that I can learn in my own way."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done?

"The most exciting thing Iíve noticed is that here†we are given the opportunity to do what we like and to develop our skills."

Bogdan Vladuca

Bogdan Vladuca, Business, Finance & Economics BA (Hons)

Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

"First of all, the report on the web site of high employability of graduates.†The practical/applied nature of the course is attractive (compared to a very theoretical approach at home). Student finance;† the opportunity to do a placement; and spend a semester studying abroad."

How would you describe living in Worcester?

"Worcester is like my home town.†There is good access from Worcester to other cities. Worcester is a very friendly place and itís easy to get to know people.†Itís a fantastic city.†I particularly like The Hive Library and canít go there without coming out with more books.†I know there is some good night life, although going to clubs, etc, is not something I do."

What do you enjoy most about your course?

"Challenging tutors who make me think.†I like the group work, but not too much of it.†Really enjoyed the marketing/management first year module which involved the production of a hotel business plan, weekly updates, and was competitive and challenging.†Groups were put in touch with relevant companies (for example, we went to The Whitehouse Hotel and another group looking at a car business visited Morgan Cars in Malvern)."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done?

"Thatís difficult.†Highlights include activities in Future Weeks, company/industry visits (for example, to see Japanese-style management in action), being on the Bright Futures Committee.†The best thing is being a student academic representative (StAR)."

Alexandra Ficiu

Alexandra Ficiu, Accounting BA (Hons)

Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

"There were lots of options to choose from but I chose Worcester because itís not too big or too small.† It seemed like a place I could relax and study. Less busy and expensive than larger cities Ė budgeting is an important part of the decision.†I got helpful feedback from students who were already at Worcester Ė they were really happy.†Everyone was helpful."

How would you describe living in Worcester?

"I enjoy living in Worcester Ė it reminds me of home.†There are nice places nearby like Bristol, Oxford, Bath, etc.†The flights home from here are cheap."

What do you enjoy most about your course?

"Iím very happy with my course.†I like that itís easy to transfer between courses.†Itís really important to me to be able to get Accounting exemptions.†Tutors are really helpful.†Being able to ask questions on Facebook is really good."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done?

"I have only just started my course, so itís hard to pick one thing yet."

Teona Droc

Teona Droc - Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations BA (Hons)

"Hello! My name is Teona and I have recently graduated with BA (Hons) in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations from the University of Worcester.

"As an international student coming from Romania, I didnít know where I was heading to but I was sure that it would be an incredible adventure. I chose Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations because Iíve always been interested in how the industry behind all those fancy ads on TV worked and also in customer psychology (and because the title sounds very posh!).

"The three years I have spent at the University were an experience Iíll never forget. Looking back, I met so many interesting people whom Iíve learned so much from and made many friends and memories. Hopefully, Iíll get to share all of my memories with you and help you in your decision to come to University in the UK!

"If I had to do it all again, I would not think twice about it; Iíve had the best three years of my life!"