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Research collections

The University Library is developing Research Collections in historical children’s literature and personal writing about childhood experience. To date the Collections include: -

Nine collections focused on Children’s Literature including:

· The Brown Collection - works by and about G. A. Henty (1832-1902), a prolific writer of historical adventure stories for boys.

· The Westerman Collection - five unpublished manuscripts by Percy F. Westerman, seven Westerman scrapbooks and representative titles of Westerman adventure stories published between 1920 and 1950

· The Elkin Collection - multicultural children’s literature. The content includes the Archive of Professor Judith Elkin

Three collections focused on the ‘Experience of Childhood’:

· The Ronchetti Collection - a collection of historical children's literature and photographic representations of childhood and dolls.

· The Tsushina Collection - a collection of over 400 Items, including books, games and puzzles relating to children & childhood.

· The Williams Collection - autobiographical accounts of childhoods published between 1924 and 2000 and Alphabet and Counting Books – examples from 1836 - 2000.

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