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Latin name: Platanus spp.

Plant description: Large tree with large, 5-pointed palmate leaves and grey/green mottled bark. Green, round flower-heads produce the pollen. Fruit: reddish-brown, finely hairy, round ball.

Distribution: UK: often planted as a street tree and widely planted in parks and large gardens, particularly in London and other parts of south and central England. Also across much of Europe, Asia and Northern USA.

Allergenicity and other health impacts: Plane pollen has high allergenicity while the hairs from the fruits can induce asthma.

Season: Plane pollen can start in late March and end around late May but the peak of the season usually occurs in late April and early May. The counts near the trees can be very high but the pollen does not spread very far so where plane trees are not planted (e.g. most of Northern England) plane tree pollen is unlikely to be present in the air.

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