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Low Pollen Holiday Destinations

Can I travel abroad if I have a pollen allergy?

It can be difficult to avoid pollen entirely but it is possible for pollen-allergic individuals to have a holiday abroad with minimal suffering.  There are many countries where the pollen levels are lower than the UK or the seasons occur at different times.  Before travelling, always pack allergy relief medication to reduce any symptoms while you are abroad.

UK Pollen Allergens

In the UK, sufferers of pollen allergies are most likely to be affected by tree pollens (birch, oak, hazel, plane and alder) and grass pollen.  The pages below list countries for each month that have low levels for each pollen type.

For more information on the distribution and characteristics of allergenic pollen and fungal spore species, visit the allergenic pollen types page and our pollen calendar.

Low Pollen Holiday Destinations

Non-UK Pollen Allergens

The highly allergenic pollen types that are not prevalent in the UK, such as olive pollen for example will also affect some people. Although some plant types are distributed very widely across much of the global landmasses, such as grasses, the distribution of other plant types are restricted by their preferred habitats.

This is a guide based on general season information so it is important to point out that in some years the pollen seasons can occur a bit earlier or later. Unseasonal weather can also occur and produce pollen when not expected. It is therefore wise to take medication with you just in case you are affected. Large countries or continents can have high pollen levels in some areas while other areas are unaffected (Australia is a good example of this) so bear this in mind if you plan to travel widely within a country.

N.B. Pollen information is not available for all countries and the University of Worcester cannot be held responsible for any instances where symptoms may be suffered. This is a general guide only and the situation on the ground may be different to that provided in the available information.


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