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Joe Bevins

MPC Senior Technical Engineer

Institute of Sport & Exercise Science

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tel: 01905 857523

Joe Bevins joined the University of Worcester and the Motion and Performance Centre (MPC) in 2006. His work within the MPC is in the field of biomechanics and motion capture.

Within the MPC supports undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in biomechanics, specifically kinematic analysis using motion, and electromyography and isokinetic dynamometry.

Joe has worked on consultancy projects researching product design, assessing ergonomics and fitness to work, and has supported research projects in the areas of gait, stroke rehabilitation, assessment of the rheumatoid hand.  Consultancy work also includes providing motion capture services to the computer game and animation industry.

Current consultancy and research is in the area of cycling kinematics and the biomechanics of bike fitting.


BSc (Hons) Cell Biology
MSc Computing

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Professional Interests:


Research Interests:

Gait Analysis
Motion capture of the Rheumatoid Hand
Pressure Mapping
Cycling Biomechanics
Gait and stroke rehabilitation

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

British Computer Society AMBCS
Clinical Movement Analysis Society of UK and Ireland (CMAS)



Lester, L.E., Bevins, J.W., Hughes, C., Rai, A., Whalley, H., Arafa, M., Shephard, D.E.T. and  Hukins, D.W.L. (2012) Range of motion of the metacarpophalangeal joint in rheumatoid patients with and without a flexible joint replacement prosthesis, compared with normal subjects. Clinical Biomechanics, 27 (5), 449-452.

Corbett, M. Bevins J., Churchill S., Palmer R., Pratt D., Uutela A. (2009) Intra- and inter-laboratory repeatability of gait analysis data in normal adults. Presented at ESMAC Annual Meeting, London.

Bevins, J., Lester, L., Hukins, D., Shepherd, D., Hughes, C., Whalley, H., Arafa, M. and Rai A. (2009) Motion analysis of the rheumatoid hand. Presented at CMAS Annual Meeting, Edinburgh.

Wright, R.L., Hollands, M., Bevins, J.W., Robinson, P.D. and Peters, D.M. (2007) Deviation From the Global Reference Frame During Normal Walking. Presented at 16th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children, 27th-29th September 2007, Athens, Greece.