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Professor Jaswinder K Dhillon

Professor of Education

Institute of Education

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Jaswinder joined the University as Professor of Education in January 2015, having previously worked in adult, further and higher education as a lecturer, teacher educator and researcher.  Jas is passionate about research-informed teaching and has extensive experience of teaching and supervising undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students both in the UK and in other countries, including China, India, Mauritius and the Solomon Islands.  She is currently supervising 5 research students (EdD) in the UK and 2 (PhD) students in India in collaboration with Panjabi University.  Jas is an experienced external examiner for MA and PhD students and has undertaken examining at the universities of Glamorgan, Cumbria, Huddersfield, Manchester Metropolitan, Stirling and Birmingham. 

Her research has focussed on investigating the perspectives of students, teachers and managers in educational organisations, particularly in relation to policies and initiatives that aim to improve existing practice.  For her PhD, she researched partnership working amongst education and training providers and uncovered the role of social capital in the form of social networks, trust and shared norms and values in sustaining inter-organisational partnerships. Since completing her PhD in 2006 Jas has developed and researched partnerships in other settings, including international partnerships with China and India.  Her other areas of interest include qualitative research methodologies, teacher education, teaching, learning and assessment, higher education and TESOL.  Jas is a bilingual speaker of English and Panjabi and has a professional and research interest in socio-cultural aspects of language use.

In the wider research community, Jas is actively engaged in national and international research associations and in editorial work for leading education journals.  She is associate editor for the journal Educational Management Administration & Leadership (EMAL), and a long standing member of the editorial board and editorial management committee of the Journal of Vocational Education and Training (JVET), and served as editor for four years. She maintains her practical knowledge of school and college leadership and governance through her voluntary work as a governor of three types of educational organisations; a well-established secondary school, a new secondary school and an outstanding (Ofsted judgment) further education college. 

Jas is currently working on three research projects; transnational education partnerships, leadership and governance of ‘outstanding’ (Ofsted) schools and colleges; and examining the connections between education, entrepreneurship and social mobility in Sikh families in Britain.

Academic qualifications

PhD, (University of Warwick, 2006) ‘Joining-up’: a study of partnership in post-16 learning
MSc Teaching English for Specific Purposes (University of Aston, 1986)
BA (Joint Hons) History and Philosophy, (University College Cardiff, 1976)

Professional qualifications

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA), 2000
Dip RSA Training and Development, 1992
PGCE (Secondary) University College Cardiff, 1977

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Mixed methods research
  • Pedagogic research
  • Enquiry design
  • Teaching, learning and assessment
  • Second and foreign language teaching and learning

Research Interests

  • Partnerships and partnership working
  • Leadership and governance
  • Social capital
  • Transnational education
  • Patterns of achievement in education and social mobility, particularly of Sikh migrant families
  • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Teaching in higher education
  • Qualitative and mixed methods research

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA)

Member of the British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (BELMAS)

Member of Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA)



Journal articles 
Dhillon, J.K. (2013) Senior managers’ perspectives of leading and managing effective, sustainable and successful partnerships, Educational Management, Leadership and Administration Vol 41(6)pp. 736-750.(Nominated for best paper prize 2013).
Dhillon, J.K. and Wanjiru, J. (2013) Challenges and strategies for teachers and learners of English as a second language: the case of an urban primary school in Kenya, International Journal of English Linguistics, Vol 3, No. 2, pp.14-24. 
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Project reports 
Hadfield M, Dhillon J, Jopling M and Goffe R (2012) Teaching That Matters. Project commissioned by Million+ University thinktank.
Oldham, S. and Dhillon, J. (2012) Student voices: perceptions of learning, assignments and achievement, DISA Briefing Paper 12, Disparities in Student Attainment project funded by HEA.
Dhillon, J.K. (2007) Evaluation of Aimhigher Summer Schools for Education Partnerships Wolverhampton.
Dhillon, J.K. (2005) Evaluation of the provision of student support systems for Centre for Learning and Teaching.

Book chapters

Dhillon, J.K. (2015) Applying social capital as a theoretical construct to research inter-organisational partnerships to be published in Handbook of Research Methods and Applications on Social Capital edited by Yaojun Li , Edward Elgar.
Dhillon, J.K. (2012) Widening access to higher education through partnership working, in: Basit, T.N and Tomlinson, S. (Eds) Social Inclusion and Higher Education, Policy Press. ISBN: 9781847427977, pp.273-294.
Dhillon, J.K. McGowan, M. and Wong, H. (2006) What do we mean by student support? Staff and students’ perspectives of the provision and effectiveness of support for students, University of Wolverhampton.
Dhillon, J.K. (2006) Trust and shared values: the basis of a sustained educational partnership? , in: Giannakaki, M.S, Papanikos, G.T. Pozios, Y. & Richards, J.K. (Eds) Research on Education, Athens: AITNER, ISBN: 960-6672-09-3, pp. 581-592.
Dhillon, J. K. (2001) Bottom up and top down: a partnership approach to planning for local needs in post 16 education and training in England, in: Bevan, F. Kanes, C. & Roebuck, D. (Eds) Knowledge Demands for the New Economy Vol 1, Brisbane: Australian Academic Press, ISBN 1-875378-41-3, pp.181-186.

Conference papers
J. Dhillon (2014) ‘Engagement’, ethics and insider/outsider perspectives: researching the success stories of Sikh families in Britain’. Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) Conference 22-25 Nov 2014, Hamilton, New Zealand.
Dhillon, J. (2014) ‘Education, entrepreneurship and social mobility in the narratives of migrant Sikh families’. Migrant Cross-Cultural Encounters Conference 26th Nov 2014, Dunedin ,New Zealand.
Dhillon, J. (2013) ‘What's in it for us? Institutional expectations and university lecturers' personal investment in courses delivered through transnational education partnerships’. BERA conference 3-5 Sept 2013, University of Sussex.
Dhillon, J. (2013 ) ‘Policy, professionalism and pedagogy in vocationally focused UK universities’.  JVET conference 5-7 July 2013, University of Oxford.
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Dhillon, J. (2007) ‘Getting to the heart of partnership: the research journey’, JVET conference, Oxford 6-8 July 2007.

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Dhillon, J. (1995) ‘Students’ Experience of a Competence Based Professional Development Programme'.  19th-21st July 1995, University of Greenwich at Conference: Research and Change in Further and Vocational Education

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Associate editor, Journal of Educational Management Administration & Leadership (EMAL)

Member of International Editorial Board Committee of Journal of Vocational Education and training (JVET)

Member of the Editorial Management Committee of Journal of Vocational Education and training (JVET)

Reviewer for JVET and EMAL

Peer reviewer for HEA research and development projects

Reviewer for HEA national teaching awards (NTFS)

Reviewer for British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Governor of Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall

Governor of Walsall College

Governor of The British Sikh School (opening in Wolverhampton in Sept 2015)

Visiting Professor at Panjabi University Patiala (PUP), India