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Meet our Health Experts

The Institute of Health and Society brings together a range of staff with a wealth of expertise drawn from health, social care, nursing, midwifery, psychology and other related backgrounds. The majority of staff have extensive work-based experience and are able to offer a 'real world' view to the educational experience.

Institute of Health & Society

Head of Institute

  • Elizabeth Davies-Ward       
    Head of the School of Allied Health  
  • Robert Dudley
    Acting Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Nicole Green  
    Personal Assistant to the Head of the School of Nursing & Midwifery         
  • Lizzie Ludlow
    Senior Administrator: Nursing and Midwifery

College Directors


Department of Allied Health & Social Sciences (AHASS)

AHASS Senior Management Team - Academic Group Leads           

  • Dr Kerry Gaskin
    Principal Lecturer in Advancing Clinical Practice/Academic Group Lead   
  • Dr Janina Iwaszko
    Principal Lecturer -  Physician Associate MSc/Academic Group Lead
  • Lisa Mauro-Bracken    
    Senior Lecturer - Foundation Degrees/Academic Group Lead
  • Kate Thackeray
    Senior Lecturer - Youth and Community Studies/Academic Group Lead
  • Dr Yvonne Thomas
    Principal Lecturer and Academic Group Lead for Allied Health Professions 

Other members of the AHASS Senior Management Team 

Advanced Clinical Practice/BSc (Hons) Health Sciences

  • Deborah Cook
    Senior Lecturer - BSc (Hons) Health Sciences
  • Rebecca Denham
    University Tutor - Paramedic Science
  • Dr Francis Howie    
    Lecturer, Advancing Practice
  • Emma Innes
    Admissions Tutor, MSc Advancing Practice/Honorary Diabetes Specialist Nurse Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Dr Tim Kilner
    Senior Lecturer
  • Dr John Leah
    Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead - MSc Public Health
  • Dr Brian Nyatanga
    Senior Lecturer and Lead for Centre for Palliative Care
  • Dr Maxine Pryce-Miller
    Course Leader and Senior Lecturer - International Studies
  • Alison Rushworth
    Course Leader- BSc (Hons) Health Sciences     

Foundation Degrees/BSc CAMHS Top Up

Nutritional Therapy

Occupational Therapy 

  • Dr Alison Blank
    Course Leader and Senior Lecturer - Occupational Therapy                    
  • Alison Double
    Senior Lecturer - Occupational Therapy 
  • Terri Grant
    Senior Lecturer - Occupational Therapy


Social Science/Social Work/Youth & Community

  • Diane Asamoah    
    Senior Lecturer - Health & Social Care
  • Peter Ayling
    Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer - BA (Hons) Social Work
  • Jennifer Dale
    Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead - MA Social Work
  • Mark Farmer
    Senior Lecturer- BA (Hons) Youth and Community Studies
  • Joy Gauci
    Senior Lecturer - MA Social Work and Community Studies (International)
  • Joanne Lewis
    Senior Lecturer and Course Leader Youth and Community
  • Olu Hyde     
  • Lesley Parish
    Practice Facilitator Social Work  
  • Dr Wayne Richards
    Programme Leader - MA Transformative Practice and PG Cert Working with Offenders
  • Raluca Sarbu
    Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader MA Social Work      
  • Clive Sealey
    Programme Leader – BA (Hons) Applied Social Policy
  • Dr Peter Unwin
    Principal Lecturer and IMPACT Service User and Carer Project
  • Kay Wall
    Senior Lecturer - Social Work Studies        

Paramedic Science

  • Matthew Collett
    Lecturer Practitioner
  • Paul Creed        
    University Tutor - Paramedic Science 
  • Rebecca Denham      
    University Tutor - Paramedic Science 
  • Paula Gardner
    University Tutor - Paramedic Science  
  • Tom Hancock
    Senior Paramedic Tutor  
  • Gemma Howlett
    Senior Lecturer - Paramedic Science
  • Mark Odam           
    University Tutor - Paramedic Science 
  • Poppy Valenti
    University Tutor - Paramedic Science   
  • Yuet Wah Patrick
  • David Woolford
    Senior Lecturer - Paramedic Science

Physician Associates

  • Johanna Angell
    University Tutor - Physician Associate Programme  
  • Ally Hale
    Sessional Lecturer
  • Neil Howie
    Admissions Tutor and Course Leader - Physician Associate Programme
  • Lorraine Murphy
    Work-based Learning Educational Co-ordinator
  • Adam Ryder
    Senior Lecturer - Physician Associate Programme  
  • Kate Straughton
    Clinical Placement Leader and Senior Lecturer - Physician Associate Programme 

 Department of Nursing and Midwifery



Academic Unit of Psychology

Centre for Violence Prevention (CVP)

National Childbirth Trust Team

Association for Dementia Studies staff     


Head of Association for Dementia Studies

  • Gina Dutton - Head of Association for Dementia Studies

Research and Knowledge Exchange

Admin Team

PhD Students

Associate Specialist

Honorary staff 

  • Dr Nicola Bradbury; Dr Kay De Vries; Neil Mapes

Mood Disorders Research Group

PhD Students

Please click here for a list of our current PhD students in the Institute of Health & Society.

The McClelland Centre - City Campus

  • Head of McClelland Centre for Health & Wellbeing, Project Lead Mental Health Strategy
  • Chris Bonell
    Exercise Physiologist
  • Richard Dilworth
    Operations Manager
  • David Hickman
    Clinic Administrator

Academic Support Unit

Julia Mathias 
Academic Support Unit Manager
01905 542234

Michelle Brinkworth  
Departmental Administrator     
01905 542224

Susan Burton    
Departmental Administrator       
01905 542672

Esther Dobson
Study Day, Conference & Events Coordinator
01905 542711

Jo Fleet
Study Day, Conference & Events Coordinator
01905 855147

Nicole Green     
PA to Robert Dudley, Interim Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery (Robert Dudley)    
01905 855282

Michelle Jellis
Senior Project Administrator - Research & the Professoriate
01905 542767        

Lizzie Ludlow
Senior Administrator to Nursing and Midwifery
01905 542856

Clare Perkins    
Deputy ASU Manager    
01905 855385

Diane Prah 
Departmental Administrator - Nursing & Midwifery    
01905 855334

Emma Roper
Departmental Administrator - Psychology
01905 8555246

Deborah Sabbato
Senior Administrator - Allied Health & Social Sciences
01905 855546

Debbie Shotton
Projects & Finance Administrator
01905 855385

Work Based Learning Support (WBLS)

Sandra Phillips 
Head of WBLS and Employer Engagement/Team Leader
01905 542201

Sarah Davies
WBLS Administrator
01905 542419

Deborah Guest
WBLS Administrator
01905 855375

Teresa Harrison
WBLS Administrator
01905 542207

Becky Martin   
Placement Officer    
01905 855461

Amy Taylor
WBLS Administrator
01905 855545

Academic Quality

Debbie Hancock
Senior Quality Administrator/Team Leader
01905 542042

Leonie Shuck 
International and Quality Administrator
01905 857513