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Dr Carla Solvason

Senior Lecturer in Centre for Children & Families

Institute of Education

Contact Details


tel: 01905 855482


BA(QTS) English and RE
MA Gender, Literature and Modernity
PhD Inclusion or Excellence (Education based)
PGCert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

In Carla’s current role as senior lecturer at the University of Worcester her key area of responsibility is around the area of research. This involves ensuring that student practitioners are given the support that they need to carry out worthwhile research projects, but also encouraging colleagues to reach their full research potential. Her most recent publications and presentations have explored the topic of ethicality and how we can embed this within professional development. With her colleague, Rosie Walker, she has co-authored a book to support Early Years practitioners in their research projects, which has received very positive reviews. 

She delivers CPD on supporting children’s speech, language and communication development and has also completed longitudinal collaborative research in this area. She is currently carrying out an evaluation of a school leadership development programme with a local authority. 

Carla’s first role was as a primary school teacher. During that time she completed a Masters in Gender, Literature and Modernity (classic literature remains a passion of hers) and a PhD in Education, specifically looking at concepts of inclusion. Before starting work at Worcester, in 2009, she spent a year as a consultant for the children’s communication charity, I CAN.

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Carla leads on the level 5 research module which prepares students for completing their Independent Studies at level 6 and a language and communication module. Carla is also pathway lead for the MA in Leading Early Years Practice and leads on the core modules for this, exploring pedagogy, policy and collaborative working.

Carla overseas all of the students’ Independent Studies within her centre. As chair of her institute’s ethics committee she has a keen interest in ensuring that ethical professionalism is developed throughout her centre’s courses.

Research Interests

Carla is currently carrying out an evaluation project for a local authority, exploring the impact of a leadership development programme. Prior to this she worked on a longitudinal project over three years that enabled primary school teachers to better support students with mild to moderate speech and language difficulties. Her current writing reflects her passion for taking a collaborative and supportive approach to research and has a focus upon respectfully presenting the research participant’s perspective. 

A recent chapter, which was included in Jean McNiff’s latest edited work, explores the conflict between ethical responsibility and the demands of the technological era. In the past her writing has focused upon working collaboratively with Local Authorities, supporting Early years Practitioners in carrying out purposeful research and ethical professionalism.

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies



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External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Carla is currently external examiner for East Sussex University, for their MA in Early Childhood/ EYTS course. She is on the editorial board for New Zealand Research in Early Childhood Education. She regularly play a role in validation events for the Open University.