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CVP Publications

Bowen, E., & Swift, C. (2017). The Prevalence and Correlates of Partner Violence Used and Experienced by Adults With Intellectual Disabilities: A Systematic Review and Call to Action. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 1524838017728707. WRaP:

Taylor-Dunn, H., Bowen, E., Gilchrist, E. (2017). The Victim Journey – A participatory research project seeking the views and opinions of victims of stalking and harassment.  HMIC: London.  [Online] Available from: [Accessed 12th July 2017] A video clip relating to this article can be accessed here.  

Bowen, E., (2017, in press). Conduct disorder symptoms in preschool children exposed to intimate partner violence: A comparative analysis of risk and resilience by gender. Invited submission to special issue of Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma.

Hellenbach, M., Elliott, S., Crookes, R., Gerard, J., Stamos, T., Poole, H., & Bowen, E. (2017, in press). The policing and detection of gun crime: Challenges to the effective policing of gun crime in Europe. European Journal of Criminology.

Ellis, S., & Bowen, E. (2017, in press). Factors associated with desistance from prison violence. Psychology, Crime & Law.

Taylor-Dunn (2017) Independent Domestic Violence Advisors in the Criminal Justice System - How Organisational Values and Beliefs Impact on Service Delivery.  Paper presented at the West Midlands Specialist Domestic Violence Consortium Conference ‘Coercive Control – Redressing the Balance’.

Jones, R., Gilchrist, E., McGregor, K., Stephens-Lewis, D., Taylor-Dunn, H., Richards, C. (2016) An Exploration of Healthcare Professionals’ Personal and Professional experiences of Domestic Violence and Abuse.  A study commissioned by the Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

Taylor-Dunn (2016) An Evaluation of the Freedom Programme for Professionals 2 Day Training Course ‘Understanding Coercive Control’. Project Report. University of Worcester.

Taylor-Dunn (2016) The impact on victim advocacy on the prosecution of domestic violence offences – lessons from a Realistic Evaluation. Criminology and Criminal Justice. [Online] 16 (1), 21-39

Gerard, J., Crookes, R., Elliott, S., Hellenbach, M., Stamos, T., Poole, H & Bowen, E. (2017, in press). The sharing of ballistics data across Europe and neighbouring territories. Science and Justice