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Coach education courses

The importance of coach education can never be underestimated. This is particularly true for sports who aspire to succeed both on the international stage and within the clubs, schools and communities of the UK. The quality of coaches is increasing as a result of better education, assessment and supported learning (through mentoring). More importantly, this means the standard of coaching is inevitably improving “Sports Coach UK 2012”.

At the University of Worcester we believe strongly in providing our students and members of the community with the opportunity to access recognised and accredited coach and officiating education courses to develop their knowledge and understanding. The program is strategically developed to support our students with recognised vocational qualifications to support and enhance their academic studies.

The Institute of Sport & Exercise Science has a dedicated Sports Coaching Development Manager and an Earn as You Learn Coordinator, who work closely to develop both opportunities to gain qualifications but also opportunities for students to gain valuable experience by putting these qualifications in to practice.

For further information on Coach Education at the University of Worcester please contact Craig Williams