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What would you do with an extra £974 a year? That’s how much a typical commuter saves when they car-share to work. The university is reducing its carbon footprint – and helping its staff and students save money through its established car-sharing scheme. The free-to-use online system, which is designed to cut travel costs as well as local congestion and pollution, enables its members to share lifts to any destination.

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Staff and students can access the scheme from home or from work and register the details of any journeys they wish to share. The system will then search for others who are going the same way, leaving it to them to make contact and arrange to travel together.The software behind University of Worcester’s system has been provided by the UK’s largest car-sharing network, liftshare, which has established more than 1,200 schemes for communities across the UK.

For more information about the new car-share scheme, contact Matt Smith on