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Bulgarian students at Worcester Business School

We are always delighted to welcome a large number of students from Bulgaria who choose to study at the University of Worcester. Many select courses from the wide range of undergraduate courses run by Worcester Business School. Courses in Accountancy, Computer Games, Computing, International Business Management, Leadership and Management and Advertising are particularly popular. Our Bulgarian students add enormous value to the student community often taking up roles as student representative or student ambassadors, for which they can ‘earn as they learn’. They enjoy, and do well in, their studies and in preparing for their future employment, with many undertaking successful placements and getting good jobs when they graduate.

Read more about some of the experiences of our Bulgarian students and graduates:

"Studying a Business IT degree gave me a perfect mix of both subjects, and by year two I even had some idea of what I want to do for a living. This timed perfectly with securing a one-year job placement at IBM as part of my degree."

Milan Petrov
Business Information Technology BSc (Hons)

Dina Tomas

Dina Tomas - Marketing, Advertising & PR BA (Hons)

Dina Tomas - Marketing, Advertising & PR BA (Hons)"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Worcester as a student, thanks to both the enthusiastic and inspirational teaching as well as the friendly and supportive environment for home and international student alike. Thanks to everything that I have learnt here, I managed to make a dream of mine come true and gain work experience as PR Assistant for Global Publicity, an award-winning PR agency, at EXIT music festival, one of Europe’s biggest festivals."

Read more about Dina’s story.

Sotir Stoychev

Sotir Stoychev - Web Development BSc (Hons)

"On graduation I got an internship role in a London-based start-up company (Aeguana LTD); then after 3 months I started a full-time job in MBI London, part of Top Right Group corporation, as a UI/UX Front-end Web Developer.

"My course helped me develop the right practical skill set for a junior developer and to show up-to-date knowledge and interest in a particular niche/sphere. The practical nature of the modules is good preparation for a freelance project or for applying for an internship. Every tutor is open for your questions and keeps you informed about opportunities."

Kalin Delev

Kalin Delev - Business, Accountancy and Economics BA (Hons)

Kalin Delev - Business, Accountancy and Economics BA (Hons)Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester??

The biggest factor for choosing to study at this University is the fact that the Business School offers triple Single Honours degrees, which, I thought, would give me an advantage when searching for a job after graduation as it would show my potential employer that I have more diverse skills to offer than just Economics, or just Accountancy."

How would you describe living in Worcester??

"I would describe it as very safe, relaxing, but also fun and dynamic. Since 10% of the population is comprised of students, there are a lot of events and activities aimed towards us, so there's always something new happening every week!"

What do you enjoy most about your course??

"The fact that every lecture gets progressively better as the course moves forward. That's thanks to the amazing Student Representative system that the University offers. If anything about a lecture seems less than enjoyable to enough people on the course, they can easily tell that to a Student Representative, who will then work together with the tutors to solve that issue or at least come to a compromise that would work for most people. I don't know how it is elsewhere, but it has definitely retained my focus and attention in the course I'm on."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done??

"By far the most exciting thing I've done whilst in University was to save up around two thousand pounds (about five thousand leva) and put them in a Trust Fund and an Index Tracker Fund with an investment bank. I've always been interested in investing and University finally provided me with the chance by exposing me to multiple part-time job opportunities, knowledge on smart investments and a desire to explore new and diverse ways to earn!"

Do you have any further insights to share??

"One comes to mind: I was not aware of this when signing up to University of Worcester, but right next to it is the Worcester Library called The Hive- it has over 250 thousand copies of books, journal articles and academic material that is readily available to all students either in paperback form or on-line access FOR FREE! It personally saved me around 300 quid in my First Year as I had every book (worth usually about £40-£50 each) needed for my lectures available to me at the library. Definitely helped out with the rent and living expenses!"

Mihaela Getzova

Mihaela Getzova – Accounting BA (Hons)

Mihaela Getzova – Accounting BA (Hons)Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

"It was one of the few universities which provided the course I wanted to study. You can select modules to fit your interests alongside the modules needed for your degree. I was able to study French in my first year, and in my second year to take a new and exciting module about the history and politics of European economies. If I could choose my University again, I would go for Worcester every time, as it is a friendly University which regards its students as its most valuable assets!"

How would you describe living in Worcester??

"I was brought up in a small city and this is also one of the reasons I chose Worcester. It is a city that is small enough that you can walk everywhere, (which is extremely important for me as a person who is trying to live healthily. At the same time it is big enough that you can always find something new and exciting. It has everything a student could need, from amazing places to wander around, to clubs and shops."

What do you enjoy most about your course??

"The amazing lecturers, who have great knowledge and are open and friendly, and always ready to help their students. I only found out what real teaching and learning is when I arrived in Worcester."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done?

"Firstly, my involvement with the Student Academic Representative system, which allows me to be the voice of my fellow students and to help them in any way I can. Also the opportunities in terms of flexibility and part- time employment means that if you are up for it, you will not have even one day of doing nothing!"

Do you have any further insights to share??

"Worcester is an amazing place to live and study, it is a city of culture and history and allows you to find your own place. The University of Worcester continues to grow. There are new and exciting modules each year and the University accommodates the needs of its students as much as it can. I hope to see you all soon at Worcester Uni!"

Nansi Surlekova

Nansi Surlekova - Computer Games Design & Development BSc (Hons)

Why did you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

"Finding the right place to study Computer Games Design & Development is not as easy as it might sound. I choose this university because it was rated as one of the fastest growing universities in the UK at that moment. In the winter of 2012, I travelled to the University for an open day. I was really happy with the equipment the university had and the way the lecturers and other students were dedicated to making you feel like you belong to this place. You were a part of the community, a university of Worcester student."

How would you describe living in Worcester? 

"I come from a big city in Bulgaria so in the beginning Worcester seemed really small, but it is a place full of life. When it comes to finding a job, I would recommend looking around Worcester as well."

What do you enjoy most about your course?

"Assignment!. Definitely assignments! There is nothing as challenging as them!! Seriously. I understand it is a programming course, so there are no "baby-steps", and I like that, don't get me wrong. It might be frustrating and nerve wracking at times, but that is exactly how it should be."

What is the most exciting thing you have noticed or done?

"We had a project about creating a game in Csharp. It was my first big project and, if I am being completely honest, it was the most challenging thing I've ever done. Starting from crafting the storyline, creating the initial designs and of course the programming part itself. I am really proud of this project and the designs in it, because I know how I was eating. drinking and breathing code and design at that time."

Do you have any further insights to share?

"Except the fact that I am really happy with my choice of University, no, not really."