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Birth Companions Training

University of Worcester validated NCT Birth Companions Training

Are you interested in supporting women through birth? Do you want to help women have the type of birth they’ve planned for? If so, you might be interested in training to be an NCT Birth Companion – validated by the University of Worcester.

Invaluable support

NCT Birth Companions offer one-to-one support to women from late pregnancy, through labour, birth, and into those first few hours. They provide women, and their partners, with skilled physical and emotional assistance as well as up-to-date knowledge, information and encouragement to help them have the type of birth they would most like.

Many women and their partners feel they would like support from another woman during labour. Research has shown that woman to woman support in labour is highly effective in reducing interventions and increasing the mother’s satisfaction with her birth experience.


Training to become an NCT Birth Companion involves completing a unique nine month certificate course developed by NCT, in partnership with  and validated by, the University of Worcester. The course is delivered by NCT tutors. 

Find out more

If you would be interested in training as an NCT Birth Companion, please contact:

Rebecca Wierenga