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Allergy information

  • What is Pollen?

    Find out what pollen grains are and how common pollen types cause hay fever and asthma symptoms.

  • What are fungal spores?

    Read about common types of fungal spores, how they affect our health and their seasons in the UK.

  • Pollen Calendar

    Find out when pollen levels are at their highest and the seasons for common pollen types.

  • Low Pollen Holiday Destinations

    Find out the best holiday destinations for hayfever sufferers, both in the UK and abroad.

  • Allergenic Pollen Types

    Find out about common pollen types that cause allergy symptoms in hay fever sufferers.

  • Recording the pollen count

    Find out how our experts collect the daily pollen count and record the UK pollen data.

  • Pollen and Hay Fever FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about pollen, managing hayfever and reducing your symptoms.