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RCN Dementia Development Programme

Independent Evaluation of the RCN Transforming Dementia Care in Hospitals Programme

In May 2014 the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) published the results of a major year-long programme which has seen nine NHS trusts develop innovative ways to improve dementia care in hospitals.

The programme, which was funded by the RCN Foundation, was launched at the Transforming Dementia Care in Hospital conference and included a number of examples of strategies such as trust-wide education programmes, improving individualised care and supporting family carers.

The Association for Dementia Studies carried out an independent evaluation of the programme and showed that commitment and leadership from trust boards, as well as investing in dedicated dementia nurse specialists, was integral to achieving improvements in dementia care.

The programme was found to help clinical leads achieve some very positive outcomes for patients and improve engagement with family carers over a relatively short period of time.

Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary of the RCN, said: “High quality care for people with dementia will require dedicated time and resources, as well as strong leadership from trust boards. With more than 900,000 people with dementia attending NHS hospitals every year, this is not an issue which can be ignored. Without dedicated time and resource to network, share learning and evaluate practice, high quality care for people with dementia will be difficult to deliver across the NHS.”

Read the full report and summary document here and at