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Access and Retention Practitioner Group

What is the Access and Retention Practitioner Group?

The University has recently submitted two new access agreements to the Office of Fair Access. Access agreements are an annual statement of the Universities intention to charge fees above the basic level (currently £6000) and include a detailed description of the additional outreach and retention activity that the University will undertake within the period covered by the access agreement.

2012/13 agreement - The agreement commits the University to:

  • A continuation of successful activity that was funded through the sub-regional Aimhigher programme.
  • Numerical targets for the proportion of students from backgrounds underrepresented in Higher Education.
  • Strategic collaborative partnerships with schools and FE colleges.
  • A greatly extended student mentoring programme.
  • Targets specific to certain subjects e.g. Teacher training.
  • Targets for retention and achievement.
  • Development of new activity in Outreach & Retention
    Responsibility for managing the access agreement and its activities will sit with the Access and Retention Group which will report through the University executive.
    This group will receive recommendations from an Access & Retention practitioner group. This group will draw its membership from across the institution and include representatives from academic and service areas.

Terms of reference for the Access & Retention Practitioner Group.

  1. Approve process for identifying appropriate activity to achieve the aims of the access agreement and Widening Participation Strategic Assessment.
  2. Receive proposals from across the institution for new programmes of activity and make appropriate recommendations to the Access and Retention Group.
  3. Receive monitoring reports from active programmes and make recommendations for approval or remedial action as appropriate.
  4. To review progress against targets & milestones.
  5. Inform policy development and strategic direction in relation to Access & Inclusion.
  6. The Access & retention practitioner group will meet quarterly.