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Semester Abroad

The process of studying abroad for a semester consists of 5 stages and this website will take you through each one in turn.

1. Research

For students who would like to undertake a semester abroad in 2017-2018, you have from now until March 1st 2017 to research your options thoroughly.

  • Visit the study abroad area in Firstpoint to see the map of Universities and the Institute specific information. Choose 2 possible Universities that teach modules suitable for your course.                
  • Attend an International Experience trip or event to meet other home, exchange and international students interested thinking about an international experience.                
  • Make an appointment with the Exchange and Study Abroad Coordinator, Clare Perkins, at Firstpoint to talk through your ideas                
  • Think about all aspects of your study abroad (how will your discipline be perceived abroad? will there be a different teaching style? Will you take up a new hobby or sport?)  

2. Internal Approval

For students who would like to undertake a semester abroad in 2017-2018, the application process will open on March 1st 2017. Please go to Firstpoint on or after this date to pick up a handbook and application form. Once you have submitted your application form, you will then be invited to an interview via email. The interview will ask about the research you have completed into your options, risk assessment and the process of adapting to a different University and way of life.

3. Application

If you pass the application stage, you will then be asked to complete the application process of your host University so that you can be registered as an exchange student there.

4. Acceptance and departure

Departure sessions tailored to the region in which your University abroad is located will introduce you to organisations such as RED 24 and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the University of Worcester’s insurance policy, risk assessment, cultural intelligence and culture shock. Some of these areas will be explored through real life case study material.

For students undertaking a semester abroad in the academic year 2016-2017, the details of the departure sessions are as follows:

European Union plus Norway: 14th November 2016 13:15-14:15 Room EE1102
Australia, New Zealand and Korea: 15th November 2016 13:15-14:15 Room EE2021
United States of America and Canada: 17th November 2016 13:15-14:15 Room EEG020

We have produced a checklist that will encourage you to think seriously about elements of your study abroad that will help you to be successful in your studies, keep safe and well, and have a fulfilling experience. Completion and submission of this checklist 4 weeks prior to departure is a mandatory requirement for all students undertaking a semester abroad. For students undertaking a semester abroad in the academic year 2016-2017, the study abroad departure checklist is available to download.       

5. Return

On your return, please ensure that your transcript is submitted to Clare Perkins.