Zhenhui Jin

Zhenhui Jin

PhD Student

School of Science and the Environment

Research Degree Students

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email: jinz1_20@uni.worc.ac.uk

Zhenhui is part-time PhD student in the School of Science and the Environment at the University of Worcester. 

Zhenhui’s main research interest relates to how plants can guard against viral infection. His PhD research concerns how plants develop the functionality for selective DNA methylation and what is the biological relevance to plant antiviral defence. He is conducting a mixed methods study into molecular framework for selective DNA methylation and its role in plant antiviral defence.

His supervisors are Professor Mahmut Tör and Professor Yiguo Hong.


BSc Science, 2013, Hangzhou Normal University
MSc Science, 2015, Hangzhou Normal University


Zhang X, Lai T, Zhang P, Zhang X, Yuan C, Jin Z, Li H, Yu Z, Qin C, Tör M, Ma P, Cheng Q, Hong Y. Mini review: Revisiting mobile RNA silencing in plants. Plant Sci. 2019 Jan;278:113-117. doi: 10.1016/j.plantsci.2018.10.025. Epub 2018 Nov 2. PMID: 30471724; PMCID: PMC6556431.