Dr Leo Donnelly

Leo Donnelly stood outside main reception at St John's campus, University of Worcester

Principal Lecturer in Anatomy


Contact Details

email: leo.donnelly@worc.ac.uk

Leo has enjoyed teaching and demonstrating Anatomy, principally to medical students, for over thirty years at a number of UK and Irish medical schools, often alongside research investigating aspects of the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Nowadays Leo focuses on the pedagogy of Anatomy learning.





BSc (Hons)

Teaching Interests

Leo is a Principal Lecturer and Lead in Anatomy and as such has interests in optimising the learning of the structure of all regions and systems of the human body. He has particular interests in how this might be achieved with Computer-Aided Learning (CAL), but also with haptic modelling. He also has interests in the history of Anatomy, its depiction in Art and the etymology of Anatomical terminology.

Research Interests

Leo has research interests in medical education, especially aspects involving the teaching and learning of Anatomy and in particular the use of imaging modalities such as ultrasound.

He also has extensive research expertise in the use of electron and light microscopy to investigate microvascular permeability and nerve regeneration, and also has interests in the establishment of surgical ‘safe zones’ to minimise iatrogenic damage. He is also interested in the abilities of students of healthcare professions to discriminate left and right and possible interventions to improve patient safety.

Leo is also interested in interdisciplinary research into the history of Anatomy teaching with cadavers, and the use of drawing, painting and sculpture to improve learning of the subject.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Anatomical Society
  • Advance HE (Higher Education Academy)

Recent Publications


  • Donnelly, L., Evans, L.A., Agbeja, I., Ononeme, O. and Moyes, S.M. (in preparation) A Novel, Clinically-applied Visual Pathway Teaching Resource.
  • Donnelly, L. (2020) The Brain: Functional Divisions. Anaesth. & Int. Care Med., 21(6), 322-327
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Book Chapters

  • Donnelly, L. (in press) Visual Field Defects in The Essential Guide to the UKMLA (Cambridge University Press)
  • Donnelly, L. (in prep.) Organomegaly in The Essential Guide to the UKMLA (Cambridge University Press)

External Roles

  • Former External Examiner at University of Manchester (3 years) and St George’s Medical School (4 years)
  • Former Person Designate on Human Tissue Authority License