Krista Easton

Krista Easton

PhD Student

School of Allied Health and Community

Mood Disorders Research Group

Contact Details

tel: +44 (0)1905 54 2880

Krista is part-time PhD student in the Moods Disorder Research Group at the University of Worcester. 

Krista is originally from Hungary, where she completed her master’s degree in geological engineering. Krista graduated from the University of Worcester with a first class degree in Clinical Psychology in 2018. She received the Northams Prize award for the Best Independent Study for her final year research project.

Krista’s main research concerns assessing the relationship between bipolar disorder and autism spectrum conditions. She is conducting a mixed methods study to try to identify how a diagnosis of autism or autistic trait levels differentiate individuals with a bipolar diagnosis.

Krista is completing her PhD research as a member of the Bipolar Disorder Research Network, she is also a graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

Her supervisors are Professor Lisa JonesDr Berenice Mahoney and Dr Katherine Gordon-Smith.


Rees-Davies, L. N., Scott, H., Abbott, J., & Easton, K. (2018). The role of peer mentoring during student transition to higher education: a literature review. Presented at the Division of Academics, Teachers and Researchers in Psychology Conference, Birmingham, 7th June, 2018.