Georgie Sherrard

George Sherrard

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Thesis title: Are dietary fatty acids, blood fatty acid composition and anthropometric biomarkers associated with ventricular depolarisation? An observational study in a sample population of healthy pre-menopausal women.

Research Project: Cardiovascular disease affects approximately 7 million people in the UK alone and costs the NHS almost £9 billion a year. The risk of developing CVD can be increased by a number of different factors, one of which is poor nutrition, meaning that dietary intervention is an important aspect of patient therapy. Fatty acids, in particular the n-3 polyunsaturated group, have been positively implicated with regard to heart health and this study will investigate whether there are any correlations between dietary fatty acid intake and cardiovascular biomarkers.

Georgie has particular interests in nutritional biology, disease and human physiology.

Supervisor: Allain Bueno



BSc (Hons) Human Biology, University of Worcester (2015).