George Mycock

George Mycock

MPhil/PhD Student

School of Sport and Exercise Science


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George Mycock is a full-time PhD student in the School of Sport and Exercise at the University of Worcester.

George’s main research interests are muscularity oriented psychosocial issues (MOPI; i.e. muscle dysmorphia, disordered eating oriented towards muscle, and related conditions). His PhD research concerns men with MOPI and the care that is, or isn’t, available for them in the UK. He is conducting a mixed methods study into the care available in the UK, and how both the providers and potential seekers of that care perceive and experience it. George hopes that his research will result in a clear ‘map’ of the current care landscape for this group, which can be used by healthcare services and policy makers to improve the availability and accessibility of this care.

George’s research aligns with his other role, as the founder of the mental health organisation MyoMinds. Through MyoMinds George hosts a podcast, develops campaigns and tools with multiple UK and US organisations, and works on research with a variety of collaborators. Through these projects George and MyoMinds aim to improve awareness and understanding of exerciser mental health, mostly focusing on eating disorders, exercise addiction, and body/muscle dysmorphia.

George is a member of the Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Research Group.

His supervisors are Dr Christian Edwards, Professor Győző Molnar, and Dr Una Foye.

Prior to commencing his PhD, George worked as a project officer at the Quality Network for Eating Disorders at the Royal College of Psychiatrists where he reviewed and accredited eating disorder services all across the UK. George was also able to pitch and successfully work with his team to introduce a new standard of care in community eating disorder services that asks those services to train their staff in differing presentations of eating disorders, including those with muscular bodies, which was the first mention of MOPI in UK policy.


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