Dr Emeka Chibuzor Okechukwu

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Research Fellow

School of Science and the Environment

Biological Sciences

Contact Details

email: e.okechukwu@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 543068

Dr Emeka Chibuzor Okechukwu has broad experience in plant-microbe interaction, molecular biology, novel molecular breeding and tissue culture techniques. He has also worked as a lecturer and researcher in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria for some years. He joined the University of Worcester in November 2020 as a research fellow in the Professor Mahmut Tör’s research group. His current research is on exploiting microbial biological agents in controlling downy mildew in pulses. Prior to joining the University of Worcester, his PhD research was on understanding the roles of beneficial microbe effectors in plant growth and stress resistance. He expanded his practical experience in plant microbe interaction, molecular biology, plant genetic transformation and tissue culture during his PhD research.  In addition, his M.Sc. research was on genome-wide studies of heat tolerance in bread wheat in multiple heat prone locations.   

Emeka has won several academic awards such as (1): Exceptional talent endorsement in his field of research by the Royal Society, UK in 2020. (2): Chancellor's International Scholarship from the University of Warwick UK (this was the only one awarded in the School of Life Sciences that year) in 2015. (3): PhD scholarship from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, Nigeria in 2014 to study in the University of Adelaide Australia. (4): MSc research scholarship from International Centre for Agricultural Research Development in Dry Areas (ICARDA), Syria in 2012. (5): Best graduating student (B.Sc) award from the Department of Crop Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria in 2008.


  • 2019: PhD. Plant and Environmental Sciences. University of Warwick, United Kingdom.
  • 2014: M.Sc. Plant Breeding and Genetics (Distinction). University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.
  • 2008: B.Sc. Crop Protection (First Class Honours). University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


Research Interests

  • Plant-microbe interaction
  • Molecular biology
  • Marker-assisted breeding, plant engineering and genome editing
  • Plant tissue culture
  • Bioinformatics

Membership of Professional Bodies

British Society of Plant Pathology

Crop Science Society of Nigeria


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