Dr Alejandro Vaquera


Visiting Basketball Fellow School of Sport and Exercise Science University of Worcester

School of Sport and Exercise Science


Contact Details

email: a.vaquera@worc.ac.uk

Alejandro is currently the Director of Sport at the University of Leon and combines this role with that of visiting academic at the University of Worcester. He is one of the world's leading basketball strength and conditioning coaches and has worked with some of the most successful players that currently play in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the leading European leagues. He is a senior coach educator for the Spanish Basketball Federation. Whilst at Worcester, Alejandro contributes to research, undergraduate and postgraduate courses and plays an active role in player preparation at all levels.


  • Physical Activity and Sport Science
  • B.Ed. Physical Education
  • National Certification - Coach Degree Level 3

Teaching & Research

Basketball Science
Coaching Science
Basketball Training
Strength and Conditioning
Basketball Physiology
Basketball Research
Physical Education
Research Methods
Performance Analysis
Tactical Analysis in Basketball

Research Interests

Basketball Science
Basketball Physiology
Performance Analysis
Tactical Analysis in Basketball

Professional Bodies

2011. Spanish Ministry of Sport (CSD). Member of the Technical Commission in University Basketball
2011. Spanish Ministry of Sport (CSD). Technical Advisory in University Basketball
2010. Physical Education Faculty (University of Leon). Member of the Executive Committee
2005. Castilla y Leon Basketball Federation. Senior Coach/Educator
2004. Spanish Basketball Federation. Senior Coach/Educator


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External Responsibilities

Editorial Advisory Board: rendimientodeportivo.com
Editorial Advisory Board: eb.com
Scientific Committee member: V International Congress of Strength and Conditioning in Top Level Basketball. Sept 2007, Madrid, Spain
Scientific Committee member: III International Congress of Strength and Conditioning in Top Level Basketball. Dec 2005, Vitoria, Spain
Scientific Committee member: V Congreso Iberico de Baloncesto. Oct 2009. Cartagena. Spain
Course Director: Nuevas Perspectivas del Entrenamiento de la Fuerza en los Deportes Colectivos. Leon. Sept 2000
Clinic Director: Baloncesto de Alto Nivel en ACB. Leon. April 2011
Clinic Director: Training in Basketball. León. May 2013
Course Director: New tendencies in Basketball Training. León. Sept 2014